FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

Construction Materials Testing

L.E. Gregg maintains a complete materials testing laboratory in-house, which serves to support the testing requirements of geological materials obtained during geotechnical investigations, as well as materials testing and Special Investigations Testing for clients as required by the Kentucky Building Code.

Our materials testing services are accomplished through practical knowledge, theoretical concepts and past experience with similar projects. We follow the specification guidelines for each project in order to provide quality control during construction. Our engineers supervise the testing services in order to monitor progress, quality control and engineering recommendations throughout the construction process. We have a staff of trained technicians with knowledge, experience and national certifications.

Specific construction materials testing services include the following:

  • Aggregate Properties Analysis
  • Concrete Cyclinder Compression Tests
  • Flexural Beam Tests
  • In-Place Density Testing of Soils, Aggregates &      Asphalts
  • Concrete & Rock Core Sampling
  • Field Masonry Testing
  • Soil Inspections & Testing Utilizing Dynamic Cone      Penetrometers (DCP) & Proofrolls
  • ACI Certified Field Concrete Testing
  • Sanitary & Storm Sewer Monitoring & Testing
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) Inspections
  • Construction Observation & Documentation